• “Those who cultivate knowledge must be supplied with the books necessary for their purpose; and until this supply is secured I shall not rest.”

    Aldus Manutius

Open the door to global discovery of your scientific research.

Aldus Press is an open access publisher committed to helping scholars easily publish their scientific investigations in the form of monographs, conference series, text books and multi-author books.

Using the latest production technology and global distribution platforms we provide a fast and affordable way to publish your scientific and medical texts.

Aldus Press is named in honour of the great Venetian printer Aldus Manutius. He championed the dissemination of knowledge in its purest form. Now his tradition has been revived and rejuvenated.

We champion scientific endeavour and provide scholars with a viable way to present their work to the world.

Open Access Funding

We charge a competitive, single flat fee of 5,000 Euro per book. Electronic distribution is completely free to anyone.

Readers can purchase a printed copy at reasonable rates. The margins on these printed copies is shared 50/50 with the author to offset their OA fees.

Author(s) will receive 50 printed copies at no extra cost.

Published with the CC-BY-NC license, providing unhampered access globally.

Aldus Press aids authors extensively in obtaining funding. For this we have a large database of funding policies and opportunities. We parter with KU Open Funding. In addition we provide authors ‘crowd funding tools’ so they can collect funds through other contributing authors, universities and funders.


Each book is thoroughly vetted through peer-review and a plagiarism check is performed.

Through our partner PeerWith we can aid you in language editing, illustration services as well as translations.

Production will follow the modern standard package being full XML workflow, E-PDF, Epub, Mobi and HTML outputs. Uploading to relevant distribution platforms. Printed copies can be ordered through our affiliated PoD printer at reasonable cost.

Full publishing is expected to take around 3 months.

Worldwide Dissemination

Each books is published as a single title but also as part of a serial. This way we can tap into the wide dissemination capabilities for academic journals.

Aldus Press hosts its content using the KU Open Services. This means that the books will be distributed through BiblioLabs, JSTOR, MUSEOpen, OAPEN as well as Unglue.it. All titles are archived through Clockks and Portico.

We create high-quality library (MARC-) records and push your book actively to a growing list of currently more than 500 libraries.

Aldus Press makes your book discoverable through; Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE), Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB), EBSCO Discovery Service, EBSCO Knowledge Base, Ex Libris 360 Knowledge Base/Knowledge Works, Google Books / Scholar, OCLC Knowledge Base, OCLC Worldcat, Paperhive and more.

“After twenty years in academic publishing, the team at Aldus Press saw the need for an affordable and fast publishing company that helps hard-working researchers and scientists everywhere. Aldus Press wants every single scientist, doctor, technologist and engineer to be able to make their studies and inventions available to everyone.” I wholeheartedly endorse this.”

Bas Straub


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Aldus Press is an innovative publishing partner for both individuals and organisations.  Contact us to find out how we can help extend the reach of your university, congress or society research content.

Our Promise

Helping scholars and scientists quickly and cost-effectively publish their research studies, monographs, textbooks and serials as Open Access. Aldus Press provides an easy way for individuals and academic associations to ensure that their work is available to the world.