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A lot of universities, governments and other funders support OA publishing fees. Aldus Press has three ways to aid you in sourcing funding.

KU Open Funding


KU Open Funding is a marketplace system, bringing institutions, researchers and OA Book publishers together. It includes a wide array of OA book publication offers, all in one place. It supports researchers in finding the right OA publication offer for their publication needs, while providing transparency and enabling a smooth OA publishing experience, all in one tool. Institutions remain in full control, can invite their researchers, allocate OA funding and monitor progress all in one tool.

How does it work?

First, institutions can register below for free, or login with their existing KU credentials. Then, institutions can invite their researchers to the tool and deposit an amount dedicated for the Book Processing Charges (BPC) funding with KU. Following, researchers affiliated with the institution can find a suitable publication offer using comprehensive and detailed selection criteria. Finally, submitted manuscripts go through the standard peer-review process and, if accepted, the institution can choose to approve the submission, footing the bill for the BPC.

Crowd Funding / Shared Funding

Aldus Press offers a tool that enables you to get funding contributions from others. This could be co-authors, different funding institutes, scholarly societies, individuals and so forth. The process is quite simple:

We set up the tool for you. You indicate the amount you can pledge and add the names and emails of those you want to approach. The system sends out emails (with you in cc) to these individuals. The system keeps a record of who pledged what amount. We will invoice separately.

Please contact us so we can set this up for you.

Funding opportunities

Aldus Press has a large database of funding opportunities and policies. Once you submit your book proposal we will search our database and provide you with a list of the most promising opportunities.

Interested in submitting a publication proposal for review? Please read our Guide for Authors and then complete the Publication Proposal template.