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Frequently Asked Questions.


Here is a selection of our most frequently asked questions

Why publish with Aldus Press?

Aldus Press is an Open Access (OA) publisher dedicated to ensure researchers get the widest possible audience and optimal credit for their work. The publisher was founded by a team of experienced scholarly publishers. Our mission is to help scholars, researchers, doctors and engineers quickly publish monographs, conference series, textbooks and multi-author books.

Aldus Press is dedicated to the celebrated Venetian printer Aldus Manutius who pioneered many significant developments in publishing. Aldus Press uses the same innovative, proud and quality-first attitude that Aldus Manutius embodied so many years ago.

How much will it cost to publish my book?

We charge a standard ‘Book Processing Charge” (BPC) of € 5.000 per title.

This includes:

  • Up to 200 pages including figures, images and tables.
  • Copy Editing
  • Typesetting
  • Coverdesign
  • 2 rounds of corrections
  • 50 printed copies delivered to one address
  • Electronic dissemination through all applicable platforms

I don’t have access to funds. Can I still publish with you?

We publish our books exclusively as Open Access and the Book Publication Charge is our only way to cover publication costs. We might be able to help you in obtaining funding. Please click here for more informaion. We currently do not have an active waiver policy but we may still be able to help researchers who do not have direct access to OA funding: please contact us for more details.

What services do you offer to researchers?

We offer a comprehensive set of services to our authors, completely focused to your needs. Our default book publication includes:

  • 200 pages including figures, graphs and tables
  • peer-review
  • Cover, design and typesetting
  • 50 print copies
  • ISBN, ISSN and Crossref DOI registrations
  • Open Access with an appropriate CC-license.
  • Worldwide distribution through our highly effective network

We are able to provide additional services such as publication management, language editing, translations and graphics design: please contact us for more details!

How long does it take to reach a decision about a book proposal?

At Aldus Press we aim to reach a decision about your proposal quickly: we are usually able to give you a preliminary decision in less than two weeks. All our book proposals are peer-reviewed and we may ask you to update or modify your proposal based on the outcome of this.

Why do you publish your books also as a journal?

At Aldus Press we publish our books also as a single thematic issue in a peer-review journal, which allows us to disseminate your book through a larger number of online platforms. This means your book will reach a wider audience. In addition it may help some authors to apply for reimbursement of publishing fees: not many funds currently cover Open Access costs for monographs, and this way our authors may be able to get (part of) the costs covered by their funder or institution.

Can we publish a multi-author work or edited volume and split the costs?

Yes! We are happy to invoice co-authors or editors separately. Just let us know the details.