• “Those who cultivate knowledge must be supplied with the books necessary for their purpose; and until this supply is secured I shall not rest.”

    Aldus Manutius

Academic Books

We publish monographs, thesis & multi-author works as well as conference proceedings and abstract volumes in both Humanities & Social Sciences as well as in Science, Technology & Medicine. We publish these books in Open Access allowing for the largest possible readership.


Our vision, following on from the European ‘Project S’, is to publish all books in Open Access. This means that each and every person can download a digital copy of the work at no cost. Readers are even allowed to print a copy for their own use or to purchase a printed edition through our website.

Authors and their institutions pay Aldus Press a ‘Book Publishing Charge’(BPC) for the work involved in producing the publication. Each author receives, as part of the BPC package 50 printed copies (hard bound). LINK

There are a large number of universities, scientific institutions, funding bodies as well as governments that (partly) reimburse these BPC. We at Aldus Press can advise you how to source funding  for your project. LINK

How to submit a manuscript for publication?

1. Read Guide for Authors
2. Prepare publication proposal
3. Submit publication proposal


Quality of a publication is one of the cornerstones of academic publishing and also one of the biggest causes for debate. Journals have it relatively easy; by custom most, if not all, academic articles undergo a review by at least two peers. Based on the review of these peers the editor(s) take the decision to accept an article. The difference in quality between journals can be judged against the impact factor; the threshold for a high-impact (factor) journal is higher than for a lower-impact (factor) journal. Unfortunately, for books its not that simple; different publishers have different standards even within one company. Seldom these standards are published:

Because the of the length of a academic books the peer-review process as used by journals cannot be adopted by monographs. We see quality not as absolute but as a way, for the reader, to make an assessment of the relative quality.  Thus we have opted the following minimum standard of quality control:


  • The publication proposal, containing a description of the work, author credentials, endorsements and around 20 pages of excerpts of the envisaged publication are reviewed by two independent peers.
  • The series editor(s) will spend at least two hours doing research into the topic covered by the book, vetting the manuscript, checking author credentials and so forth.
  • An iThenticate report is created assessing possible plagiarism. The iThenticate report is analyzed by an inhouse team of experts.


  • We actively seek confirmation from the authors university and especially from the thesis supervisor that the submitted manuscript is indeed the one on which basis the thesis was awarded.

Multi author works

  • These publications follow the same process as monographs. Difference here is that the proposal sent for peer-review should contain abstracts for all individual chapters / sections.

Abstract books & Conference proceedings

  • Aldus Press furnishes a submission- and review system that allows the conference organizers to review individual contributions.

Interested in submitting a publication proposal for review? Please read our Guide for Authors and then complete the Publication Proposal template.


We believe that scientific publishing can be done a lot more efficient. Using advanced tools based on machine learning and articificial intelligence we can edit and typeset your work much quicker than most other publishers. Our distribution is predominantly online and printed copies are produced fast through Printing on Demand in multiple locations. As we publish each book both as a book as well as a single issue in a serials we can distribute electronically through both book- as well journal platforms.

We believe in the following values that we have established as the cornerstones of Aldus Press:

  • Strong emphasis on quality through a clear and well documented review policy.
  • An effective and very fast production workflow. We aim to have books published within 6 months from receipt of final, edited, manuscript.
  • Through standardization as well as automation we can reduce the BPC to € 5.000 per book. This includes 50 free printed, hard-bound copies.
  • We advise you on how to obtain funding for your project